I am Noor Nizam


(Former Teaching personnel, McMaster & Associate Director UHN –Toronto).


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  • No closing of Schools, No selling of Schools, No selling of School properties.
  • Retain the given Provincial allocations for school betterment. We are losing $. 2.16 million due to new regulations adopted by the Provincial government due to the inefficiency of the incumbent HWDSB.
  • Provide better transport services to students of Dundas.
  • Provide better drinking water for our school children. 57 taps at 32 schools are bad as of July 17 for drinking.
  • Provide facilities to upgrade English and Maths in schools to reduce tutoring.
  • Vote me and I can be your voice at the HWD Public School Board after October 22nd., 2018.

A Little about myself...

I am Noor Nizam. My wife is Fowziya Nizam. I have a son and 3 daughters and 3 grand children, Thank god.

With my exposure to the Public School system in Hamilton as a newcomer parent in 2000, I couldn't understand what HWDS Board was all about. I then became a Home and School member to learn about the system. We were only heard, but the Board implemented what they wanted.

More parents were crying for answers, Canadians of all diversities who were also not been heard out there. Then I decided to learn about the issues, But wished for educational achievements of my children, doing good parenting and guiding them through the mishaps of educational bureaucracy which is today called Public School Board administration. All my 4 children who are adults have reached high educational achievements, and are giving back Canada their best in Medical Research, Law and Business Management by the help of God AllMighty, their teachers and my dedicated wife. 2 grand children have just have started high school.

After being a worker, then Teaching Assistant at McMaster University, an Associate Director of UHN (University Health Network) Toronto, I was confident that I am now fit to be a Board Trustee of the HWDSB for Ward 13, Dundas and West Flamborough. The mixture of my political interest and interaction with the community makes me be an efficient HWDSB Ward 13 member. In 2003, was awarded the Hamilton VISION 2020 AWARD and the "NEW COMER CHAMPION AWARD" in 2010, by Immigration Ontario.

Community Affiliations/Memberships

  • Advisory Committee - City of Hamilton - Immigrants and Refugees.
  • Food Advisory Committee - City Of Hamilton till recently.
  • Proactive member of Dundas Works Group.
  • South Asian Community Group - Westdale.
  • Seniors Committee, Dundas Community Services.
  • Worked in the political campaigns of Hon. Russ Powers, Hon. Judy Marsales, Hon. Sandy Shawand supported Hon. Tassi Filomena.
  • Advocate and Voice for Setting-up "Public Activity Center for Senior in Dundas" since 2015.
  • Founding member of "Support Group for Rohingya People - Hamilton", Humanitarian Medicine delivery to Rohingya refugees in Cox's Bazaar, Bangaladesh.

Contact Me

Have any questions? Want to know more about my platform? Give me a call or drop me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

(289) 238 9743

Dundas, Ontario.