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Criminal Defence

Katerina represents individuals facing various criminal charges including but not limited to driving offences, theft, fraud, drug offences, and assault.

Katerina provides services to individual clients as well as assistance to other counsel with respect to court appearances, bail hearings, trials, and appeals.

At this time, Katerina does not accept Legal Aid certificates for criminal cases.

Family & Child Law

Katerina represents and advises clients with respect to a range of family law issues, including but not limited to child custody and access, child support, spousal support, mobility rights, child protection, common-law relationship claims, and property division.

Family & child law services may include: - negotiating and drafting domestic contracts, such as separation agreements and cohabitation agreements; - full legal representation in litigation; - unbundled services (also known as limited scope retainers) are available for discrete steps in your case such as, for example, drafting pleadings or representation for a motion; and - independent legal advice.

Katerina represents parents facing child protection proceedings initiated by a child protection agency, such as the Children’s Aid Society.

Katerina accepts Legal Aid certificates for family law matters.

Other Services

Katerina is currently also accepting cases related to CPP disability appeals and animal/pet law. Please note that we do not accept cases related to animal cruelty.

Katerina is a Notary Public and provides affordable notarial services.